1. Basic Information

Skype: you are free to choose fill in or not. But you’d better to fill in if you have, so that you can get the latest coupons and other information.

Website: fill in with the website where you promote our site, and remember to update it when you change your site, so we can check and provide targeted help.

Commission Rate: It shows your current commission rate, and you cannot change it, but you can apply to us for higher commission. We will verify and decide whether to change.

2. Ad Center

My link list:It shows all the link information you have added, copy the affiliate URL to promote.

a.Add New Link: we have supplied you recommend banners and links, if they don’t satisfy you, you can also add your own link. Just fill in the blank below, and click the “Save” button, you will see it in your link list.

b.Delete selected linkSelect the link you want to delete, but notice that once you delete a link, all related order history will be deleted too.

Recommend Banner: here we update banners weekly, and you just need to click the button Add to link list, it will shows in your link list, and you can start to promote.

Recommend Text Link: It is same as recommend banner, but it does not have images.

Recommend Products: here we provide you the hottest products on our site, and we update it weekly. If you want to promote one of them, just click the product, and you will be leaded to the detail page, and also click the button to add it to link list. And it is available to all products on our site.

3. Report

① Monthly Transaction: the time and status can be chosen. Click Search button, it shows the record you need.

② Link Performance: Choose the time, and it will show you all links that have ever lead orders. And also, you can search a specific link according to input the link ID. From the link performance, you can adjust your promotion strategy.

4. Payment

Withdraw Commission

Activated Commission: it means the commission you can withdraw now, do not include pending commission

Withdraw Amount: input the amount you want to withdraw, but notice the minim amount is $100, and it must less than the activated commission

PayPal Account: You must input the correct account, and any mistakes will be at your own risk!

Invoice: If you have your own template, you can use your own. If you don’t have, pls download the template we provide, and it contains our information you need.

Tips:If you want to withdraw commission with other method, pls mail to!

Withdraw Record: It has 3 kind of status., including pending, rejected and complete. If it is rejected or complete, we will inform you.

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