This affiliate agreement contains terms and conditions that apply to and affiliates. Please read it carefully. Once you join the program, it means you have totally agreed with the agreement.

Rights and Obligations of
(1) has the right to revise the terms of affiliate programs and supervise the performance of affiliates. Affiliates should cooperate with us for the supervision.
(2) will provide affiliates all the necessary information about our program so that they can cooperate with us without any difficulties.

(3) will collect and provide all the information about the orders for affiliates. Affiliates should use it only for the affiliate program.
(4) will deal with all the transactions from payment to delivery as well as after-sales service. Affiliates shouldn’t interfere with our business.
(5) enjoys all the profits generated by selling the items, including sales on our websites or through the affiliate links. Affiliates shouldn’t require for any amount of the profits except the commission unless there’s another agreement between rotita and the affiliate.
(6) Anyone who purchases on our website will be the customer of no matter he/she purchase directly from our website or through the affiliate link. We keep all the information about our customers. Any request for our customers’ information will be rejected by

Rights and Obligations of Affiliates
(1) Affiliates shouldn’t publish any fake information in name of to mislead visitors. If affiliate violates this term, we have the right to cancel even recall all the commission and the affiliate will be expelled from our affiliate program.

(2) Affiliates should pay attention to the Affiliate Announcement on our website and learn latest information about our affiliate program. Besides, in order to improve your affiliate performance and commission, you should update your affiliate ads/link according to our latest published activity notification.

Commission Calculation

(1) pays commission for every valid order through affiliate link, which means commission is calculated only when customers pay the goods and no return request is made.
(2) Commission calculation method:

The commission rate now is 5% of each paid order, excluding shipping fee. You can use commission to buy items on our site, or you can ask for withdraw when commission reaches $100. will transfer commission to your Paypal account in 2 working days. Applicants need to pay the transfer fee(about 3.9% +0.5 USD for each transfer)

Commission Payment pays the commission of all valid orders to your account every month. Affiliates can send email to
to apply for withdraw during the following 5 days when commission on your account reaches $100.We only accept Paypal account and affiliates have to pay the transfer fee. Besides, affiliates can also use this money to buy products on our website.

Agreement in Effect, Change, and Termination
(1) This agreement will be in effect once affiliates accept it.
(2) has the right to revise or cancel the agreement. Any changes of the agreement will be posted on Affiliate Announcement.

(3) Any side of the two parties can terminate the agreement at any time by sending another party an email.
(4) After the termination, both parties should calculate commission according to the agreement as soon as possible

(5) Any side that violates the obligations and causes loss to the other must pay the other side compensation. However, if accidentally violates the terms, the compensation paid by us will not surpass the commission we have paid

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